Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Motivation of the Day

You look at that person who did you wrong in the past, the one who is doing you wrong now, the one who continually causes problems in your life, and you criticize. You see someone who does something differently than you would, someone who has different beliefs than you do, someone who lives a different life with different priorities, and you criticize. How easy it is for us to criticize others. It occurs every day when that person on their cell phone swerves into your lane... you criticize their driving; when the single mother puts her own desires ahead of what's best for her child... you criticize her parenting; when the person from a different political party or religion speaks... you criticize their opinions; and even when the obese individual walks in the room... you criticize their weight. Next time you catch yourself criticizing another person, immediately turn that focus onto yourself... not for criticizing, but for improvement. Focus your attention on what you can do better, and you will find there is no time to point the finger at others.

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